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The Jupiter Year

Posted by philperedo on July 25, 2017 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Change…Originality…Love for REAL Music.

Who said that three unique vocalists can’t come together to make great, jaw-dropping music? Well Brett Cohen, Anthony, and Jase Naron original members of The Jupiter Year are an excellent representation. Brett Cohen, guitarist, vocalist, bassist, and songwriter for The Jupiter Year, were good friends with Anthony (drums, vocalist), and Jason (bassist, vocalist, and guitarist) while originally based in Southern California. They each played for different bands and later came up with the idea to start their own. After successfully conquering Southern California, they all relocated to the Las Vegas scene during different stages of their lives.

Lucky Las Vegas.

The three band members later connected with Amanda Avila, who was spotted on American Idol season 4 as one of the final 8 female contestants. Brett likes to say that he stole her after they worked on a project together during a Las Vegas show.

Excellent choice Brett.

To see these four talented individuals preform is breath-taking. Although they all share some of the same talents: Amanda has the vocals, Brett has the song writing skills, Anthony is a monster on the drums, and Jase is an unforgettable guitarist. Each have their own element, but once they come together…its magic.

They have traveled and continue to travel to different parts on the country. Might have been to your area. It’s a must that you follow them now on Facebook and Twitter @TheJupiterYear so that you don’t miss any of their upcoming shows.

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“When some people who haven’t seen our show hear that we do lots of medleys and extended jams they ask the same question: Doesn’t the audience lose interest?” says Brett Cohen. “The answer is, quite emphatically, no. While we do take influences from jam bands like The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead, it is really the influence of growing up going to dance clubs and observing the DJs that helped us shape our show. The most successful DJs don’t stop the music when a song is over in order to regroup, talk to the audience, or for whatever else. They keep the music constantly going, blending one song into the next, and talking to the audience while there is still music playing. This is our goal as a band. Since we don’t have the ability to just simply use a fader to blend one song into the next, we create musical bridges and jams to get us from one song to the next. We don’t just play the same groove for 20 minutes and change the words to another song; the grooves change, the songs change, etc., we just do it in a way that keeps the energy level up and reduces dead air. In the process, we believe it elevates the traditional cover band platform to a level of authentic artistic expression.”

My Letter to Judy Carter

Posted by philperedo on September 29, 2016 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently sent an e-mail to Judy Carter, author of the Comedy Bible and Message of You. Many comedians and speakers have started their career because of Judy Carter's books and seminars. Many friendships have also been made through her network. Here is my letter to her:


Hope all is well. I thought I'd share a story with you about an event that recently happened to me.

A little over three years ago, a fellow by the name of Jack Spear went onto your website search engine and sought a comedy buddy. The search brought up my name and we have been comedy buddies for over three years.

Jack Spear is a retired 20 year officer for NASA. He has always wanted to do comedy. He is a funny speaker and decided to start it later in life. Jack is an older guy and has been disabled in his legs his entire life. He travels around in a scooter. However, during the past three years, he has never asked for my help in assisting him. Sometimes I forget he is disabled until he talks about it during his comedy set. We have been spending time together as comedy buddies for over three years now. He visits my home and I visit his home. We have gone to open mics and have done a few shows together. We have built a good and strong friendship outside of comedy.

Jack has two sons. He has one son living with his wife in California; and his other son, James, just came back from serving in the military abroad. James is a federal officer, served in military intelligence and worked for NASA as well. I became good friends with James and he started working with my company - TickleMe Entertainment -- to help us with all of our IT and networking needs.

Jack's wife of 44 years is Jane Spear. I met Jane at the same time I met Jack - at an open mic after correspondence via email. It was an interesting first meeting among Jack, Jane and me because it happened at the world largest strip club located in Las Vegas - The Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. This is where I have run a show and open mic for four years in Las Vegas, so I thought to invite Jack there. I didn't know he was going to bring his wife, Jane. Fortunately, both Jack and Jane were understanding of the location of the open mic as I would take them to more nefarious locations around Las Vegas to get Jack's feet wet in the world of stand-up comedy.

So for the past three years, Jack, Jane, James and I would attend open mics, perform in shows, produce shows and spent time together. James and Jane would watch and hang out. Jack and I would perform. There was a time that Jack and Jane even took care of my two year old son, Grady, when I could not find a sitter on Fourth of July weekend. Jack and Jane had owned a day care in the past, so they were perfect for taking care of my son. I tell you this, Judy, because this wonderful friendship with me and Jack's family would not have happened had it not been for your website.

Recently, this past March, Jack and Jane came back from a cruise. They loved to go cruising. If we weren't doing comedy, they were cruising. They had been on 45 cruises together. When they came back, Jane checked herself into the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. She had checked into the hospital and gotten tests done early in the morning even before Jack had woken up. When the tests were concluded, Jane found out she had cancer and had only 1-2 years to live. This was devastating news when I heard it. I just cried in my office in Las Vegas. During the next few months, Jack and Jane went to different doctors to see if anything could be done. Jane underwent chemotherapy and it nearly killed her because of the complications it caused, but she continued going through with the treatment. Jack rented a mansion off the Las Vegas Strip and had the family fly in to see Jane at the end of July. I hired a couple of local comedians and myself to do some comedy for the family. The family stayed in the mansion for a week with Jack and Jane and then left.

After the mansion event, things started getting worse and Jane could not handle the chemo anymore. She said she did not want to undergo anymore chemo treatments. When this happened, the doctor said she had only six months to live. Last Monday, I got the call from Jack letting me know that he had to put Jane into hospice care, but he was still optimistic that she would be able to last several more months. Then last Friday night, I received a call on my cell phone and I saw from the caller ID that it was Jack calling me. I did not want to pick up the phone, but I did.

"Jack - I did not want to pick up this call," I said.

"I didn't want to make the call, Phil. James and I are on the line," replied Jack.

"What's going on Jack?"

"Phil, Jane died while she was in hospice care."

"Oh no, Jack. Don't tell me this. I'm so sorry, buddy. Where are you and James now?"

"We're on a hill in Henderson overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Jane loved this place. We're having a couple of beers."

"I'm so sorry Jack."

"Yeah, me too."

Judy - Jane was a great woman and friend. She was the yin to Jack's yang. She was very supportive of Jack's comedy. She would serve us dinner and drinks while we spent hours writing jokes at Jack's house. She would go shopping while Jack and I would write jokes at my place. She attended all our open mics and shows. She was such a wonderful supporter of comedy and a selfless human being. I will miss her.

I want to thank you for giving me the connection and opportunity for meeting such an amazing human being in Jane. Your comedy network continues to have a tremendous effect on comedians' lives everyday.

Thank you,

Philip Peredo

Tickled by TickleMe Entertainment's Multiple Productions in South Dakota

Posted by philperedo on June 8, 2016 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Tickled by TickleMe Entertainment’s Multiple Productions in South Dakota


This Father’s Day weekend, TickleMe Entertainment is bringing their comedy tour to Rapid City and Sturgis where headliner Roger Rodd and the other featured comedians, Vince Royale and Jersey Steve, will share their flavor of explosive and irreverent humor. From Thursday, June 16th, all the way through Father’s Day, the trio, hosted by Phil Peredo, will travel across three different venues to bring some laughs to everyone’s special holiday. What better way to treat all of the “Greatest Dads” than to take them to see three uproarious comedians?


The three comedians have made appearances on Comedy Central, MTV, ABC, starred in Showtime specials, taken the leading role in feature films, performed for U.S. troops overseas, shared the stage with Louis C.K. and Jim Gaffigan, and this Father’s Day weekend these comedians bring their outrageous acts to three venues Dad will love. First stop, Absinthe & Appetizers Comedy Show at The Blind Lion in Rapid City on Thursday, June 16th. The perfect night for a babysitter, the comedians will bring laughs to the subdued and intimate atmosphere of this speakeasy inspired interior. If anyone’s looking for a date night then this is it. The Blind Lion, along with hosting the comedy event, will be offering their signature, handcrafted cocktails, which are sure to add to the already special evening. Treat you and your significant other to what’s sure to be an incredible night, or take your special someone out for some gourmet drinks and hysterical comedy.

The comedy tour then heads over to Boston’s Sports Bar for Comedy Night in Rapid City for a two-night engagement. Dad will bust with laughter in his favorite authentic American eatery. Boston’s, known for their savory specialty pizzas and the classic sports bar vibe with TVs strewn across the walls, will host the trio of comedians on Friday, June 17th, and Saturday, June 18th. Rodd, Royale, and Steve will be delivering their trademark stand-up acts while Boston’s will provide the setting all Dads love. A perfect opportunity for Dad to round up his boys and go out for brews and laughs, celebrate Father’s Day the man’s way. Or, if you’re looking for a fun night for you and your beau, Boston’s is the place. The comedians will perform two nights back-to-back so no one will miss it!


FATHER’S DAY!!!! The final show is at The Knuckle Saloon in Sturgis, the home of one of the world’s largest biker rallies, and will be on Sunday, June 19th. There’s no greater gift for Dad than to spend Father’s Day falling out of his seat with laughter and enjoying the rugged Knuckle Saloon where there’s sure to be drinks and a good time as the comedians perform in Chuckle At The Knuckle. Great food and great drinks: can’t go wrong. Great food, great drinks, and sidesplitting comedy: CAN’T MISS. Give your man, your husband, your dad the ultimate father’s day gift and take him to The Knuckle Saloon where he’ll have an unforgettable experience and fits of unstoppable laughter.


Roger Rodd


Vince Royale


Jersey Steve



Information For Shows


The Blind Lion: 510 9th Street Rapid City. Thursday, June 16th. Doors at 6:30 pm and show at 7:30 pm. $20 General admission tickets. $15 for seniors, students and military personnel. Tickets at the door are $5 more for all ticket types.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar: 620 E. Disk Drive Rapid City. Friday, June 17th, and Saturday, June 18th. Show begins at 8:30 pm Friday and Saturday. $15 general admission, $20 for VIP admission, and $10 for seniors, students, and active duty military. Tickets at the door are $5 more for all ticket types.

The Knuckle Saloon: 931 First St. Sturgis, SD. Sunday, June 19th. Show begins at 7 pm. $15 general admission and $10 for seniors, students, and active duty military. Tickets at the door are $5 more for all ticket types.

Purchase your preshow tickets at: http://www.ticklemeentertainment.com

*all shows are 21 & over



Refried Comedy Tour Goes Nationwide

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

LAS VEGAS, NV – Refried Comedy, the largest continuously sold out comedy show in Los Angeles, is engaging in a national expansion that will see it spread throughout the West, East Coast, and Midwest.


Started in 2002 as a venue for Latino and Spanish comedy, Refried Comedy, whose name came from an early audience member remarking to founder Richard Villa that his comedy was refried, or English to Spanish, quickly went mainstream and now features a majority of English language standup, but still includes Spanish routines. A-List comedians such as Louis CK, Dave Chapelle, and Gabriel Iglesias have performed for Refried Comedy, and the tour released an eponymous film in 2014.


Expansion is occurring in Fresno, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, West Texas, New Mexico, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and reflects what Villa calls the fraternal nature of the organization.


“The comics are all working together, which means everyone has to bring something to the table. Whether it’s a graphic design Web design, marketing, whatever,” Villasaid.


Those additional skillsets have helped Refried Comedy’s growth, including Villa earning the distinction of the first American-born comic to feature on Comedy Central Mexico and appearing on Latin America’s top-rated comedy show hosted on Televisa, the region’s largest television network.


The tour also opens doors for up and coming comedians by utilizing its booking power, and with the launching of multiple chapters, will provide working venues for member comics across the country.


Comedians Offering Another Key To Political Victory

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Politicians and election candidates seeking to enhance their public image and chances of winning elections can now turn to a Las Vegas-based production and talent management firm to add humor to their repertoire.

TickleMe Entertainment (TME), which hosts an array of comedians and other entertainers, is launching the new consulting service. Clients will, after signing with the company, be supplied a consultant comic who will work with the client’s speechwriters and advertising production teams to augment speeches and ads with comedy customized to target voters and markets.


Philip Peredo, CEO of TME, is a former White House intern in the Office of Scheduling and Advance. He also worked as a congressional aide. Outside of the federal level, he was elected to two-terms as municipal chair in Saddlebrook, NJ, and ran for the New Jersey State Assembly.

Interested parties should contact Peredo by phone at (702) 825-1534 during standard business hours, or via email at [email protected]


Bruno Mars' Father Creates Las Vegas Hawaiian-Themed Show

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Doo Wop Hall of Famer Peter “Papa Mars” Hernandez, father of best-selling singer Bruno Mars, has created and launched a new Polynesian-themed dinner show at Kahunaville in Las Vegas’s Treasure Island casino.

Featuring Hernandez on percussion, the Island Heat dinner show’s cast performs songs and dances from around Polynesia, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. Among the ensemble members are Bobby Brooks Wilson, son of R&B and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Jackie “Mr. Excitement” Wilson, and singer-model Sina Foley.

A video clip can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTMh-hNJzJw

The optional three course dinner includes a macadamia white chocolate roll, a salad, and a wide variety of Hawaiian cuisine entrée selections, topped off by the chef’s signature daily dessert. Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options are also available for guests.

Hernandez, a New York native, was inspired by the street singers he heard in his youth. Upon moving to Hawaii, he founded Pete Hernandez and the Lovenotes, a doo-wop group largely credited with introducing the musical style to the islands. The beauty and tranquility of Hawaii would later inspire Hernandez to create Island Heat as a tribute to his adopted home.

Island Heat has two performances, at 6:00 and 8:00 pm Thursday-Monday. The optional three course dinner offers a wide variety of Hawaiian cuisine entrée selections. Tickets, which can be purchased at islandheatdinnershow.com, or by calling (702) 894-7350, are $59.99 with dinner included, $39.99 for children ages 4-10, or adults without dinner.


Punchline Police Comedy Tour: Police Laugh, Too

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

LAS VEGAS, NV – Three international touring, headlining comedians with film and TV credits who have been seen on HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Centralhighlight the nationwidePunchline Police Pro Comedy Tour (PPCT), a consortium of comics who are current and former police officers.


Cliff Yates, a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff who has performed at the Roxy on Sunset and the Hollywood Palladium, is the MC. Feature comedian Roger Rodd appeared in Payback and hosted the televised World Poker Open. Dwayne Gill, a multi-award winning Detroit native and current Michigan State trooper who opened for Tim Allen and Aretha Franklin, and has appeared in Crave and Detroit 1-8-7,is the main headliner. The tour additionally features local and national comics who are active or former police. Each performance also donates part of its revenue to police-related charities in the host city.


“We’re doing this to put police in a different light,” Gill said. “There’s this perception that officers are robots, or mean. We’re showing that police are people, too, and they laugh, cry, and have the same feelings and emotions as everyone else. ”


The tour hopes to, with the unexpected nature of police comedians,help foster an environment for more productive and constructive dialogue about current issues surrounding American law enforcement and its interaction with local communities.


The PPCT’s premiere performance was on March 29that the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas. A portion of the proceeds went to the Injured Police Officers Fund and OfficerDown.us, both of which provide assistance to families of fallen police.


September 5th is the next show date, at 6 pm at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA. Events are also scheduled later this fall in New York and Detroit.


Kids Cool Off With Summer Comedy Camp

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A group of Las Vegas-based comedians is now offering a summer camp for children of all ages. The organization also currently offers standup comedy classes for adults. In these classes, students can begin or further develop their own comic careers, or simply learn about the art form of public performance.


TickleMe Entertainment, a production and talent agency that recently worked with America’s Got Talent, is offering multi-week sessions with full and half day optionsfor camp. The classes feature acting and improv in addition to standup comedy.


Philip Peredo, managing partner, taught all age levels as a Peace Corps volunteer in China, and this spring held an introduction to standup comedy course at UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada Henderson campus. The class emphasized student performances in each session and culminated in every student doing an original 5-10 minute set at a Las Vegas comedy show for their final exam.


The children’s summer camp is being held at the Landero Learning Center. The adult classes, which run five weeks and meet once per week for two hours, are at TickleMe Entertainment’s main office.All levels of classes will end with each student performing in avenue on the Strip.


To sign up for classes, contact (702) 825-1534 or [email protected]



Las Vegas's First Ever Comedy Bachelor Party Experience

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

TickleMe Entertainment, a production and talent management firm, in partnership with VegasHotSpots.com and various Las Vegas venues, recently launched the first Sin Citybachelor party experience promotion to feature a variety show.


The Sapphire Comedy Hour is the centerpiece of the Complete VIP Package promotion. The variety show hosts a rotating ensemble of nationally headlining comedians, Hall of Fame burlesque dancer KalaniKokonuts, and Mondre, the only African-American magician to win the Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo.


The Complete VIP Package promotion, which runs on Saturday nights, also includes front of the line access and guaranteed entry to El Dorado Cantina, a world-renowned Mexican gourmet restaurant; exotic entertainer performances at Sapphire; highly rated Vegas nightclub Tryst; and VIP status at an optional afterparty at Artisan. Limousines and analcohol-laden party bus transport the group between locations, and each stop hasexclusive drink specials and a guide host.


“This package is especially important for tourists,” said TickleMe president Philip Peredo. “It can be difficult to get in to Vegas night clubs, particularly if you’re not a local. The Complete VIP experience not only gets you to the top of the list, but eliminates all your party planning headaches.”


Sign-up for the package is at vegashotspots.com, and the cost is $49.99 per person.


TickleMe Entertainment Launches New Logo

Posted by philperedo on July 8, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

TickleMe Entertainment (TME), a Las Vegas production and talent management firm, is launching a new logo to announce new business offerings, including convention, conference, and workshop services; speakers and rentable space for events; public relations; web presence development; and graphic design services.


The new logo replaces the former red and orange one that featured a microphone, and presents a fresh, new corporate-oriented look for the change in company identity. The gradient acronym symbolizes a happier, more successful client after using TME, and a more upscale approach with the use of corporate blue. Impact, the acronym typeface utilized in comic Internet memes, is a nod to the comedian and entertainment foundation of the company. Helvetica typeface in the TickleMe Entertainment wordmark is further reinforcement of the company’s elevation. Lastly, the underscore of the light blue continuing from the acronym throughout the wordmark represents the lasting, cordial relationships between TME and its clientele.


Accompanying the logo change is an enhanced focus on convention clientele, business parties, and casinos. While the new services are the highlight, TME will still maintain its event production and talent management core, with its established base of private comedy, music, and variety shows; video, audio, and photography services; and an introduction to stand up comedy class for business professionals seeking to improve their public speaking skills.