TickleMe Entertainment LLC 

"Changing lives one
  laugh at a time!"

We love to market! 

We market our shows and we market our talent.

We have built a strong foundation in getting people to our shows and to watch our talent. We use the same business model for the companies with which we market. We have done marketing for many different industries.

We have teams built to manage our marketing platform:

  • E-Mail Marketing - We know how to generate lists and use them effectively in campaigns
  • Social Media - We have 12 platforms we use for our marketing needs including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Public Relations - Earned media and paid media. Preparation for interviews.
  • Advertising - Targeted paid advertising campaigns on radio, TV and print
  • Sales - We have the most highly trained sales team in the country
  • Call Center - We provide a team to make cold calls for your company
  • Street Promotions - We organize and train a street team to sell your products and services
  • Word of Mouth Marketing - We can create a buzz for your service or product
  • Direct Marketing - We can work directly with the customer or end users for your product or service
  • Online Reputation Management - We quash all competitors and comments they make about your company

Contact us for your marketing needs. We will provide you a plan to increase your business and revenues!